SW/TCH Maritime is an impact investment platform to construct and own North America’s first fleet of maritime vessels dedicated exclusively to decarbonization.



 Zero Emissions Vessels

Vessels using all-electric propulsion powered by batteries or hydrogen fuel cells.

Offshore Wind Vessels

Vessels built to support the construction and operation of renewable power from offshore wind farms in the U.S.

Decarbonization Vessels

Providing growth capital for vessels and maritime businesses that unlock direct reductions in carbon emissions.

Underutilized Urban Waterways

How we move shapes how we live. As we prioritize greater sustainability and wellness in our lives, we’ve become motivated to reimagine the way we move. We have the opportunity to improve the way we get around, both technologically and experientially, and the time for action is now.

Unlike the roads, urban waterways are free of traffic, enabling timely, reliable service as well as a calm oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. SW/TCH is building state-of-the-art e-ferries to transform urban commuting for cities and companies with bold sustainability goals.


Battery Powered e-Ferry in NYC

SW/TCH has designed an electric ferry that it plans to launch in NYC waters. Unlike traditional vessels, the electric ferry glides through the water silently, opening up a world of possibilities for an enhanced onboard experience. On your way to work you’ll be able to comfortably have a coffee, flip open a laptop, or connect with other colleagues. On your way home you’ll be able to enjoy a beer or cocktail. SW/TCH aims to turn some of the worst minutes of the day into some of the best.

The Collaboration